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Children's Party Invite

Plaster Painting, Moulds, Molds, Casts, Figurines
School Fundraising

Horsey by the sea
Horsey Rein
Angel's Harp
Rainbow Corn
Dolly Fin
Dogg Ear
Elly Phant
Choo Choo
Van Fun
Cats n a basket
Maid Mermalade
Blazing Sun Shine
Heart Corn
Mr Big Sun
Angel Tunes
Fluffy Dog
Eagle Wings

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Allow your child to explore their creative talent and let their imagination go wild with plastermania's fun and exciting range of plaster figurines.

Plastermania provides carefully selected high quality plaster models therefore there is no need to kiln, just paint and go, which is why they are perfect for childrens' parties. Each plaster is purposely set with a rear hook for easy mounting.

Please email us to purchase the above plasters individually or as a party pack.

Remember, we can host the party for you, or you can host it yourself.

If you choose to host the party yourself we provide you with everything necessary to cater for the plaster party including games and childrens prizes including a gift for the birthday child.