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Plastermania is a children's entertainment venture located in Sydney NSW whose purpose is to host a plaster painting party or supply plaster moulds, paints and brushes for a party at home or fete / festival / Charity Event at any preferred location throughout the sydney metropolitan area. We are a mobile children's plaster painting party service and pride our work on our excellent customer service and our ability to fulfill your goals of providing a great party experience for you and your child.

Parties are the celebration of a loved one's birthday, and according to our philosopy, we would celebrate your child's party like we would our own. We believe that as your child grows and celebrates his or her birthdays with their family and friends, they will be able to look back upon the fun and enjoyable events they experienced.

Apart from us hosting your child's birthday, we also prepare plaster painting party packs for parents/guardians who may choose to host the child's birthday party themselves. Hosting a party can be daunting if you haven't done it before, that is why, Plastermania has thought ahead and took the liberty of designing the 'Plastermania Party Guide'. It is complimentary to you if you choose to host the part yourself. It is full of tips and tricks for the parent hosting the party, giving you ideas on games to play and activities for the children to enjoy. An arts and crafts "plaster painting" party theme allows a child to paint plaster moulds and explore their creative talent the fun way.

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What happens if 'we' host the party
What happens if 'you' host the party

* We will call you in the week of the party and confirm number of children * On day of party, we bring all equipment and set up before party begins * Children will firstly paint their large plasters (plaster casts), whilst wearing their protective aprons and listening to light children's or top 40 music dependant on the parent's requests * After painting, the plasters will be sprayed with a sealer and left to dry * The children will simultaneously be organised by our Party Hostess (a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher) and sat down ready to begin the games and activities * Type of games played will be determined by the size of the play area * Children will win more plaster prizes that they can take home to paint * Birthday child will most importantly receive a birthday gift from the Plastermania Team

* We will accept your plaster party pack order via phone or email * Customers can choose any number of any plasters * The DIY party pack will include the large plasters, paints and paint brushes, trays to place plasters in, and water containers * We will gladly include our Plastermania Party Guide which consists of a list of games that you can organise for the children to enjoy * Upon manufacturing completion of plasters, you will be notified and can decide to pick up the plasters or have them posted to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do u provide invitations with the party pack?

Yes, we offer an optional customised plaster party invite (free of charge) for you to send to invitees

Do I need to setup tables and chairs for the party?

No, we provide everything to cater for all children. No mess

What activities will the children enjoy on the day?

Apart from painting the plasters, they will enjoy a variety of other fun activities best suited to the average age of the children. Parties hosted will include the children's favourite, 'pass the parcel' where every child will win a prize.

What will the party cost me?

The party price will be determined by 1) the number of children and 2) if we host the party for you. (For us to host the party, we require a party minimum of 15 children, if less we will prepare a plaster painting party pack of plasters, paints, brushes and other games for you to host the party for a minimum of 10 children)

I want to purchase the DIY party pack, how will I receive the plasters?

DIY party packs can be posted or picked up from our Bankstown, Sydney Location. (Postage costs are not included in the total DIY Party Pack price).

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